Who Is Responsible For Justin Bieber And Sofia Richie Breaking Up?

2016-09-19 23:14:59Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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After just 6 weeks, it's all over for Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie.

Ah young love.

So what caused the breakup?


Apparently, it just wasn't that serious in the first place. Yes, they've been spotted holding hands and yes Sofia gushed about Justin in an interview just weeks ago. Oh and YES they did run off to Mexico together, but guys chill.

It just wasn't that serious ok?

Bieber is a busy guy and insiders are saying he doesn't want to be tied down with another relationship PLUS all of the drama that comes with a breakup (cc: Selena Gomez). He just wants to have lots of female 'friends' that he can 'hang' with.

Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

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