We Put Kylie Minogue's Fiancé Joshua Sasse Through The Gay Best Friend Test

2016-10-12 01:24:30Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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Kylie Minogue's fiancé Joshua Sasse is not only handsome, has a decent beard and dreamy eyes. He's also standing up for gay Australians.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Joshua to chat about his new initiative, Say I Do Downunder - which is leading the way to FINALLY making same-sex marriage legal in Australia.

Joshua made headlines recently when he said even though he and Kylie announced their engagement in February this year, they won't be getting married until all gay Australians can do the same.

What a f*cking legend.

When chatting about his passion to me, Joshua revealed that it was while he and Kylie were staying at designer Dolce and Gabbana's house in Italy (*I'm jealous) that he read in the news that Australia STILL doesn't have same-sex marriage saying, "I dropped my tea, I just couldn't believe what I was reading...something clicked in my head and I said I really feel I can do something about this"

When talking about the incredible support from celebs like Ellen, Margot Robbie, Ellie Goulding, Sia and more, I asked Joshua if he was surprised by anyone's support he said "Do you know what? No one surprised me... who doesn't have gay or lesbian friends? How could you hold your head up high and not be a part of this?"



When commenting on his own engagement, which a LOT of media seem to want to talk to him about, Joshua said, "What's the difference, why are we any better or any different to anyone else?"

If there was one thing I got from my chat with Joshua, is that he's passionate about this. He is honestly standing up for the gay community and using his voice to make a difference. 

Naturally, I wanted to put him to the test as an honorary gay best friend (let's be honest - he's earned it) and below are the HILARIOUS results!


You can follow Say I Do Downunder here and join the movement!

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