Watch Margot Robbie Try And Figure Out What A ‘Doov-A-Lacky’ Is

2016-07-08 01:31:41Z
Nic Holland
Nic Holland

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Every Aussie knows their slang, or at least we hope they do. But MargotRobbie kinda just proved she's not up on the lingo...

If you're not up to date on THAT Vanity Fair interview which has the whole world talking, then you're way behind and you should catch up, because it is one of the funniest/cring-worthiest stories of the week. 

Along with the article's writer Rich Cohen calling Australian's "throwback people" and claiming the Gold Coast is a sleepy seaside town, Margot made a few slip ups of her own in the video segment the magazine produced - 'Aussie Slang With Margot'.

Seems like a pretty simple yet effective video concept to get all of us watching, right?

Right. But it's going viral for all the wrong reasons... 

Feast your eyes. 

Firstly, damn Margot is absolutely gorgeous and she is in no way just the "girl next door" as Rich wrote.

Secondly, we love her explanations of some of our Aussie slang and how candid she gets when she has no idea what something means - like doovalacky... What the hell is a doovalacky, anyway?!

Thirdly, she made a slip up... Since when does "fair dinkum" mean something along to lines of "oh... far out"... ?

Look it up and it defs doesn't mean that. Fair Dinkum is:

"Used to emphasize or seek confirmation of the genuineness or truth of something... I.e. 'Eric and his assistant are fair dinkum magicians'."

Now that we've cleared that up... Let's throw the focus back to that creepy af interview which obvs should have focuses a hella lot more on Margot'stalents. 

We love you Margot!

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