Tyga’s Ferrari Just Got Repossessed Right In Front Of Kylie Jenner

2016-08-31 23:20:01Z
Dean McCarthy
Dean McCarthy

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This is extremely awkward. 


Tyga and Kylie Jenner had driven the rapper’s fancy red Ferrari to the Bentley dealership in Calabasas, to scope out new cars. Little did he know that while they were inside, his current ride was being taken from the car park!


A source tells TMZ that the repo man showed up with a spare key for the Ferrari, jumped in, started it and headed down the nearest freeway.

According to reports, Tyga missed a couple of lease payments and the lessor wasn’t taking any chances.


This is not the first repo drama for the rapper. He has had his Bentley Mulsanne repossessed and his Lamborghini Adventador.


Repo man also tried to take his Mercedes Benz G Wagon, but Tyga allegedly hid it at Kylie’s house where her intense security team kept it safe.

However! Despite the reports flying around about the two scoping out a new Bentley together, Kylie took to Snapchat to share the truth.

She had actually gone to the Bentley dealership by herself to buy a new ride for her boyfriend Tyga! She gushed about how the tabloids nearly spoiled the surprise for him, and how she'd had to deny, deny, deny everything that was circling the net!



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