Tyga Just Received A Livid Phone Call From Kim Kardashian

2016-08-11 01:30:48Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Apparently Tyga has really riled up the Kardashian / Jenner klan, and the rapper received a phone call from one very livid Kim Kardashian.

TMZ are reporting that Kim and her famous sisters called Tyga up and told him to sort this legal drama out immediately, for fear it would hurt their family’s brand.

As Scoopla reported, Tyga has a bench warrant out for his arrest, after he failed to appear in court. That means, the police are not out searching to arrest him, but if he has to deal with the police for any reason they will probably take him into custody.

The concern from the family is that he’ll get arrested while he’s with Kylie Jenner. Can you imagine the paparazzi and media circus if that actually happened? Like, front page of everything.

Apparently the family pressure has truly freaked Tyga out and he’s called in a hotshot lawyer to get the mess sorted immediately.

Still kind of weird that he was skipping his rent payment, but still found the money to buy Kylie a new Maybach for her birthday.

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