This Theory About Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Is The Best One Yet

2016-07-05 02:37:12Z
Nic Holland
Nic Holland

Nic loves both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. #buybadbloodonitunes

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If you don’t know by now, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are a thing… or are they?

There’s a theory going around that they aren’t even dating… but they are actually shooting a music video and to be honest they kinda have point.

The theory became more of a bigger deal yesterday when Tom was spotted wearing an “I Love T.S” top while at the beach, as well as rocking a heart tattoo with a “T” written in the middle...

And well… they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Fans thought it was a bit extreme… which then lead them to look a bit closer at the evidence.


If you think about it, it would be one really freaking good music video.

They have already been to the beach with an epic kissing scene, they visited New York… then London… then Rome… and then back to the beach again where it all started.

Fans also believe that Taylor is planning on dropping new music within the next couple of months. She has a 2-hour concert planned for October and it’s rumoured that she doesn’t want to go back into the ‘1989’ era, as the tour is over which means she could be playing new music.

The music video theory, also ahs fans believing she will be releasing a visual album just like Beyoncé did with ‘Lemonade’.

Another clue that points to the theory is that Taylor often releases her albums in October with two years apart… this year it will be two years since her last album, ‘1989’ was released and this august will be two years since ‘Shake It Off’ was dropped… so if the theory is correct we could get a new single within the next two months.

Critics believe that Tom will be nominated for an Emmy for his role in ‘The Night Manager’, the Emmys are in September, which will be around the time the music video will drop.

If they both walk the red carpet together this will be massive publicity

And here is where the theory gets even deeper.

According to BuzzFeedTaylor and Tom have been followed around by the same paparazzi agency from day one; they could have hired them to take the pictures and videos, which will then be edited into the ultimate love story.

BuzzFeed explained; “The theory also suggests that cameramen are disguising themselves as members of the public and filming them on their phones. When they visited the Colosseum, for example, no one would’ve batted an eyelid at somebody capturing the moment on video.”

To be honest we could go on and on and on about the clues and theories… or maybe they are just really in love and we are all jealous?

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