These Leaked Texts Prove That Playboy Model Ashley Kirk WAS Dating Geoffrey Edelsten

2016-11-11 00:52:10Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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The 26-year-old Playboy model denied all rumours that she was dating the 73-year-old doctor, however, these texts say otherwise! 

But, not only do these texts show that the pair were romantically involved, they reveal something that ol' mate Ashley hoped to get out of the relationship...

We'll give you one chance to guess what that may have been. 

Yep, a sh*t tonne of mula. 

In a series of texts, in which Geoffrey Edelston confirmed to the Daily Mail are authentic, the model said she wants to "make lots of money." 

In the texts sent back and forth between the 73 and 26-year-old, the pair talks about Geoffrey's "horrible" ex-girlfriend and how Ashley is "sensational" in comparison. To which Ashley replied with, "Ur amazing I don't know much about u but I know u won't ever be with another woman after me".

Later on in the conversation, they start speaking of a potential interview opportunity with a Current Affair involving the Playboy star. 

"Any idea what they would offer... Hopefully it's a lot... like a million!" Ashley texted.

After Geoffrey told her there would be "no hope" of that kind of cash, the 26-year-old seemed incredibly disinterested saying, "Why ruin my name for less..."

After some confusing back and forth texts about Ashley taking her dog to the vet to be tested for rabies (probably so that she can bring her dog into Australia), they start on their relationship together again. 

The last text sent was from the 73-year-old doctor saying, "Baby the media want to call you and get quotes from you about our love relationship". 

You can see pics of the texts on the 

Image credit: Ashley Kirk Instagram

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