The Vengaboys Spill The Beans On Their Wild Sex Parties

2016-10-31 04:37:23Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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The ‘90s pop-dance group has hit Aussie shores amidst their 2016 tour and it sounds like they are making the most of life on the road! 

Speaking with Daily Star Online earlier this year, Vengaboys star Robin Pors revealed what we kind of suspected all along - the Vengaboys are always partying. 

"If we go out the four of us it's a crazy night. Whenever I go to New York I always miss my plane because the parties are always so good."

So just what goes down at these epic parties?  

"Well, drinking, dancing, talking… having sex. Not at the party, well, most of the time, because that can be awkward.

"But sometimes it ends up somewhere in a hotel room, that's why the lyrics are boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room… not always, sometimes in my room, but not always."

Vengaboys are exactly what we hoped the Vengaboys would be. 

They aren’t partying erreyday however, they do need time to rest. 

They party all week except for Mondays, where they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  

"Monday is our Sunday, we don't drink or do anything, we just lay down still in bed and do nothing all day."

And, when he was asked about waking up to someone the next morning, he said it's not always just one person - "Why take one if you can have more?"

Images: Breakin' Records, Violent Music


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