The TRUTH On Those Allegations Brad Pitt Is Being Investigated For Child Abuse

2016-09-22 21:43:15Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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In the wake of the Brangelina breakup, there have been some pretty serious allegations against Brad Pitt.

Yesterday gossip sites started reporting that the actor was being investigated for child abuse after a rumoured incident at an airport that included Brad losing his temper and even trying to drive away in a fuel truck.

The LAPD have officially released a statement on the matter revealing, "LAPD is not handling any report of allegations of child abuse for Mr. Brad Pitt,"  Officer Jenny Houser told CNN.

People magazine are claiming the incident occured on the 14th September, with Angelina Jolie separating from Brad on the 15th and filing for divorce on the 20th.

These are pretty serious allegations and we really hope they are just that and nothing has happened to put the couples children in danger.

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