The Security Guard In The Middle Of Kim Kardashian Attack Has Detailed Exactly What Happened

2016-10-18 23:06:36Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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The security guard who was forced to let the attackers into Kim’s apartment has shared exactly what happened. 

Details of the $11 million heist have now been shared with the public after the security guard spoke exclusively to The Daily Mail.

Only releasing his first name, Abdulrahman revealed he first tried to act as though he didn’t know who the attackers (who were initially disguised as policemen) were looking for, as they demanded to be taken to “the wife of the rapper”.

“I tried to confuse things because my friend who also works in the night security is a rapper, I said, you mean the black guy? I gave his name. He told me no, I mean the wife of the rapper.

"I told him, the rapper is not here, trying to confuse things. But he insisted, is the wife here? The wife? Don’t lie, or I will kill you.

"Then finally I admitted she was there in the hotel. I told him, I can’t force you because you have a gun, but I ask you, don’t touch her. Don’t harm her. He told me, no, we are just here for money. This made me confident they were not killers.”

Abdulrahman was then taken up to Kim’s room and tied up.

"I went up to the apartment with the robbers. I was tied up in the first minutes, with handcuffs. I was in the room of Kim Kardashian. One was attacking her, the second one was with me. I saw Kim being pulled out of bed [...] ‘I told him, I ask you, don’t hurt her. I repeated it. He told me, don’t worry, we are here for money. I repeated another time, please don’t hurt her. He told me: Keep calm and all will be OK. Don’t move or make a sound.

When the attackers first entered, Kim thought it was one of her sisters.

“We got to her bedroom and slid open the door. She was in her bed. Before we opened the door, she heard a noise and began to say, hello? hello? I assume she thought it was her sister. The intonation of her voice changed when there was no answer, I felt she was worried. After that, one of them opened the door. The other one was fastened to me.

"He attacked her, holding his gun in her face. She was crying, she was screaming, saying, don’t kill me, I have babies, don’t kill me, please, I have babies! I’m a mum! Take whatever you want! She seemed terrified. She was wearing a white bathrobe and her hair was tied up.

"She was so scared. She was crying and screaming, the men were shouting, and the fact that she couldn’t understand made him worse and more upset.

"I told them to wait and I put myself in the middle, between the thieves and Kim. I said wait, she can’t understand you. Then I played the interpreter of the scene.

"One of the gang kept telling her to shut up. I put my hand on her shoulder and told her to be calm. I said, you have to be silent, you know. She sat down on the bed. She asked me, are we going to die? I said, I don’t know, how can I know?

"She said I have family and babies. I told her, me too, I have one son. And she began to scream again. That’s why he put the tape on her mouth. A long piece of tape, all the way round her head.”

You can read the entire recount here


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