The Investigation Into Kim Kardashian's Paris Nightmare Has Hit A Major Snag

2016-10-05 02:32:39Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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There's no doubt something awful went down in Paris when it comes to Kim Kardashian.

While we don't doubt the seriousness of the reports of what happened, some people are.

Mostly because there is a major piece of evidence missing. 

It's been reported today that there is NO CCTV footage of the intruders or even anything suspicious in the footage that has been collected.

According to Australian Entertainment Reporter Peter Ford, the cameras were pointing the wrong way or simply were not there. The concierge was not qualified to be a security guard. Even the Supreme Court in the US has cast doubt on the thieves, questioning their existence... when referencing to the situation in respect to a totally separate case.

But conflicting reports from The Sun say that the gang was caught, in a freak accident where the camera was pointed at a mirror, showing off their reflection.

We just hope Kim is ok and getting the help she needs to recover from the ordeal.

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