The Block's Dale Vine Just Transformed His Iconic Look By Removing His Tatts

2017-01-04 23:57:40Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We all remember The Block favourites Dale and Sophie Vine. We fell in love with them on the show… and off the show!

Now Dale has revealed that he is mixing up his famous look by removing his signature tattoos.

Dale disclosed on social media that he is freeing up the space so he can make room for some new designs… but he is considering keeping his neck completely bare.

He has quite a few tattoos, and now at 35, he is second-guessing some of his choices.

Dale shared some pictures on Instagram and told his fans, "This is before and after healing from the first go over my neck using the picosure laser for tattoo removal at the Swanston Street Medical Centre in Melbs… I'm pretty surprised at how much ink it actually broke up for my body to remove in one go! In 4 sessions I reckon it will be all gone.

 I only ever planned to lighten it up so I could have it gone over with a much more thought out tattoo piece for somewhere as important as the throat, but at this rate I might leave it off for good....."

That is a pretty impressive result. 

Safe to say fans were pretty shocked with the announcement, but knowing Dale he will be inked back up in no time.



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