The Bachelor’s Tiffany Just Said Goodbye To Her “Love” Megan

2016-10-07 01:12:15Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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The Bachelor’s Tiffany just took to Instagram with an emotional post to announce she is leaving Megan

We honestly didn’t see this coming at all.

Last season of The Bachelor we all fell in love with Richie’s ladies… but it was also reported that two of those ladies fell in love with each other and we all believed it was the perfect love story.

The two contestants were Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon. Fans soon become obsessed with their relationship.

Tiffany even packed up her bags and moved across the country to be by Megan’s side and they moved in together…

Today Tiff has taken to Instagram with a shocking post revealing that she is moving back home… this means the commute between them will now be over 4 hours.

The photo shows them hugging with the caption, : “My time in Geraldton may have come to an end now but my love for this one never will. On to the next adventure.”

Megan was quick to comment on the picture with, "this sucks" and "I want you back".

The pair has never officially confirmed their romantic relationship to the media… but they weren't shy about posting photos together online including their pasta girls night….

Either way we are still so in love with their story.

We hope they can make long distance work if they are together.

Image Credit: Tiffany_janes Instagram

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