Terri Irwin Reveals Why She Hasn’t Been On A Single Date Since Steve Passed Away

2016-08-04 23:27:04Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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This could be Terri Irwin’s most honest and raw interview yet…

It’s hard to believe that it has almost been 10-years since Steve Irwin passed away. Terri Irwin has now opened up in a very rare interview about her dating life.

Terri and Steve Irwin first met back in 1991, it was love at first site. They got married later that same year and then started a family a couple of years after. Their love story was soon cut short when Steve died after being pierced in the chest by a stingray in September 2006… just 14-years after their story together began.

Terri is literally mum goals. After Steve passed away she held her head high and raised their two children Bindi and Robert alone, and still somehow managed to keep Steve’s memory alive all across the world.

She has always put others first, and her strength always shines through. In a rare interview with The Weekly, Terri has revealed a very personal side of herself.

When asked about if she will ever find love again she explained that nothing will compare to what she had, "I haven't been on a single date since Steve died… If I hadn't met Steve, I probably would never have married, because I wasn't looking for love when I met him. What we had was incredible."

She also stated that she isn’t dating again because she's already had her "happily ever after."

"I still feel immense love and loyalty to Steve. And I've got great kids, I've got a very full life, and while I'm lonely for Steve, I'm not a lonely person. I think for other people who have lost someone and have loved again, it's a beautiful thing, but it's just not really on my horizon."

After Steve had passed away, Terri sat down with Barbara Walters in 2006 and spoke about the incident, "It was an accident so stupid, it was like running with a pencil. It was not a risk he was taking. It was not a superhuman feat of anything. It was just an accident… what I'll miss the most…he was fun. Steve was fun. He taught me that it's OK to play in the rain and splash in mud puddles and let the kids get dirty and spill ice cream on your pants. He didn't sweat the little stuff."

We can’t believe it has almost been 10-years... he will never be forgotten.

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