Taylor Swift Is Actually Doing Jury Duty

2016-08-29 23:20:01Z
Dean McCarthy
Dean McCarthy

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Our minds are officially blown.

People have been wondering why Taylor Swift wasn’t at the MTV Video Music Awards. Well, it’s because she was in Nashville where she’s one of 30 potential jurors for a criminal case.


— Tracy Bates (@TracysActivism) August 29, 2016
Jury selection starts today and while she hasn’t been selected yet; she literally sat in the room with all the other potential jurors.

Word on the street is that she won’t be selected, because it would create attention and be a security nightmare if the biggest pop star in the world is constantly heading to court – even if it’s just to sit on the panel.

Either way, we’re guessing this might be the first time ever that people in the pool would actually WANT to be selected!

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