Sarah Jessica Parker Just Lived Through Our Worst Nightmare Of Being Stuck In An Elevator

2017-01-04 21:49:49Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We dunno about you guys, but being stuck in an elevator definitely isn’t in our list of our favourite things… poor Sarah Jessica Parker got stuck inside one after it broke down.

Thankfully, she lived to tell the story and she also lived to post a video about it.

Just like her character Carrie Bradshaw, she once had an iconic moment in an elevator when she reunited with Big... but this time it was iconic for a whole other reason.

The actress fully just got stuck in between floors in New York City and took to Instagram to share the video with her followers. She explained that they had been stranded for over eleven minutes and showed engineers attempting to force the doors open.

We have to point out… how is she so chill about this?

You hear SJP say, “Currently stuck in an elevator for eleven minutes now.  Everybody's working hard.

We're not panicked. We remain stuck but we have food, water, charged phones. Excellent company. We've met new people, and we're very hopeful.

But we do have to be someplace in about 45 minutes.”

Safe to say we would’ve reacted in a very different way!

Image Credit: Warner Bros

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