Samantha Armytage Just Addressed Her "Granny Panties" Situation With True Class

2017-01-31 20:30:21Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We all remember when Samantha Armytage made headlines for wearing very normal underwear under her dress…

Now, six weeks later, Sam has spoken about how it really felt to have the whole country take a look at her underwear and then judge her for it.

The story made headlines after a media outlet used a photo of Sam’s dress blowing up in the wind and zoomed into her underwear, calling them "granny panties."

The TV presenter spoke to the Sunday Telegraph saying that she honestly pities the reporter who wrote the article, "All I will say, and I haven't said anything to date, is I actually feel sorry for the guy that wrote that… I cannot imagine having such a soul-destroying job that would require you to breathlessly describe a strange woman's underwear."

YASSS You tell them girl!

Sam continued, "The men [in the media] are really bitchy... Much bitchier than the women. They just don't get written about."

We think it’s safe to say Sam is no longer holding back!

Image Credit: Channel 7 

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