Sam Frost Lashes Out At New Idea

2016-10-04 01:45:13Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Sam Frost has just taken to her social media account to express her disgust with current rumours circulating her and Sash's relationship. 

Our girl S Fro is officially fed up with all the lies flying around that state her and boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek have broken up. 

Not long ago New Idea published a story headlined 'Sam And Sash Unfollow Each Other On Instagram', saying that she was "forced to deny rumours she and beau Sasha Meilczarek have split..." 

As you can imagine, that didn't sit too well with the breakfast radio host. 

So, for those of you wondering about the current status of the Bachelorette lovebirds... THEY'RE STILL TOGETHER! 

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