Roxy Jackeno Slams Her Skeptics In Controversial 60 Minutes Interview

2016-08-22 03:11:39Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Queen of all things PR and controversy Roxy Jacenko certainly didn't dissapoint in an interview that has sparked a sea of critiscism from skeptics all over the country.

Being the self titled "Queen of all things PR", Roxy certainly didn't disappoint in her interview last night which was a fiery sit down with Channel 9 journalist Allison Langdon. She opened up about her husband Oliver's recent jail sentence, her children's struggle to cope with his jail sentence and her battle with cancer.

Her husband of four years Oliver Curtis was jailed in June for his involvement in insider trading in 2007, which saw him make $1.43 million worth of profits from illegal deals. The case took years to get to courts but was finally resolved in late in a headline grabbing court case that ultimately saw Oliver jailed for a year. However, Roxy maintains that despite the huge public interest and nature of the case, she still just knows as much as the rest of us?!

"It happened years and years and years ago, well before my time. Look, call me crazy. Some people would wanna know [about their husband’s history], you know, the ins and outs of everything. I haven’t asked.

“He’s got no reason to lie to me. He could tell me the truth ... and irrespective of what the truth is that he says to me, I’m there. No matter what.”

The nature of the case meant that public speculation was high and a large part of that was due to Roxy's presence at the case, which saw her flaunt thousands of dollars worth of designer gear. Her reaction to his jail sentence was also heightened during the case.

Seeing the picture of Ollie with the handcuffs, being led into the prison van, was a very horrible feeling. It was the worst,Roxy said.

It was like the picture you never, ever wanna see. And it’s a picture that I never thought I would see."

When asked about how she has dealt with explaining Oliver's jail sentence to their two young children- Pixie, 5 and and Hunter, 3, she had this to say.

"If you watch a cartoon these days, the baddie always goes to jail. And I don’t want them to think that of their father. I don’t want that to be instilled in their mind. I’ve said he’s in China. I think there’s certain things you choose to tell a child."

"Pixie’s very upset. Every day’s hard with her now. She’s reserved and she cries for her dad. Making a happy birthday video for him ... before they went to bed, was horrible. Absolutely awful. She cried and then she slept in the bed with me. And it’s not a position I ever wanted to be in."

We can only imagine what a struggle Roxy and her family have been there and really feel for them... but just when you thought their luck couldn't get any worse, she got the most shocking and horrible diagnosis herself of breast cancer, only weeks after Oliver's jail sentence had been handed down.

"When I sat in the doctor’s office and they said, ‘You have cancer,’ it was almost like I knew in my mind so much sh*t has gone wrong this must just be another thing. I probably was weak, and that’s why I told her [Pixie]. I don’t know. Maybe I was having a sad day and I told her."

The most controversial aspect of the entire interview may have been Roxy's decision to let the camera crew film her undergoing treatment for a lump on her left breast at Melbourne's Epworth Freemasons Hopsital. She made the decision to undergo this surgery, against the advice of surgeons from Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital who had recommended a full mastectomy.

"Unlike everything else in my life where I’ll go full pelt, it was like this one thing I wanted to do in ... a phased approach, rather than going, ‘OK, well, chop off my boobs," she said.

In true Jacenko fashion she was back at work two days after surgery, the prognsis is looking positive for her recovery but she will need future radiation treatment and possibly chemotherapy. Shockingly despite the string of bad luck and misfortunes handed her way, Roxy has not managed to avoid serious skepticism about her illness from critics.

"It makes me angry, I mean the reality is you’d have to be sick in the head to think that someone would actually manipulate a timeline on cancer. People die from cancer.If someone I knew was in my position and they had been diagnosed with cancer some three weeks after their husband went to jail, I certainly wouldn’t be having an opinion on, “Is that convenient timing.” You know what I’d say? “What can I do to help them?"

"To be honest, I think it’s pathetic, I really do. I think it’s pathetic."

She is definitely a woman to practice what she preaches and she posted this message on her Instagram last night , maybe as a silent message to all her haters.

 Roxy donated the entire funds from her interview to three separate charities- Breast Cancer Network Aus, Ovarian Cancer Australia and The Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Trials Group. We wish her all the best for her the recovery. 

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