Rick-Lee Coulter Comes Under Fire For 'Dangerous' Meal Plan

2017-01-21 00:12:36Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Ricki-Lee Coulter came on to our radar when she wowed us all with her amazing vocals on Australian Idol and she's been inspiring us ever since, with her career and incredible fitness achievements. 

Over the years, many have found Ricki-Lee to be an inspiration to them, with her 30kg weight-loss and active lifestyle serving as the motivation they've needed to achieve their own goals. 

However, Ricki-Lee has now come under scrutiny for her daily meal plan, with some dieticians claiming her all-vegetable lunch is 'dangerous' and sending the wrong message to young women. 


Dietician Alex McClelland took to Yahoo 7 Be to say Ricki-Lee's diet was sending a negative message that "women should be eating" this, even though "this is not a balanced meal that their body needs

"What is so damaging about that meal is, obviously there's no protein and there's no carbohydrate, or fat for that matter, which are vital nutrients that your body needs to function correctly."

Ricki-Lee posted just last week that she "ran so hard" she "almost passed out", which has come under further scrutiny from fans. 


Some are concerned that this online trend of posting pictures of meals and 'healthy' ways on Instagram may lead to orthexia in young men and women, which is having an obsession with eating how one perceives is healthy. 

Fans are showing their support to Ricki-Lee, backing the singer and shutting down the negative light that has been cast upon her. 


It's important to maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle, while ensuring you're not doing any damage to your health, so if you have any concerns about your current routine be sure to seek professional advice.

Image Credit: Instagram @ The Ricki Lee.

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