REPORTS: Channel 7 News' Talitha Cummins Fired On Maternity Leave

2017-01-14 21:43:41Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We all want to wake up to a beautiful sunrise, casting a magical light through our windows in the morning. 

Unless we've had a huge night and just want to sleep the day away. 

Unfortunately, one person who has loved waking up to a sunrise, Channel 7's Weekend Sunrise program that is, will no longer get to spend her morning doing the job she loves after reports have surfaced that she was unfairly given the boot from her job while on maternity leave.

Weekend Sunrise newsreader Talitha Cummins is currently in the process of taking Channel 7 to Fair Work Commission, claiming she was unfairly dismissed from her position while she was on maternity leave. 

The 36-year-old gave birth to a beautiful baby boy with her partner Benjamin Lucas a few months ago, named Oliver Paul Lucas, and thus the loss of her job has come as quite the shock. 

When Talitha left for maternity leaves a few days before giving birth, the news company had reportedly issued her with an email stating she would return to the same position a month later.

However, Seven News boss Craig McPherson called Talitha soon after she left to inform her that she was no longer under a contract and that she would only be offered a temporary role on return, reading the weekday bulletin at 5am. 

Considering her husband also works such early mornings and they were looking after a new child, this was obviously not possible for Talitha. 

Her role has since been filled by Angela Cox, a US correspondent.

There is speculation surrounding her dismissal from her original role, as on the same day of the phone call from McPherson, promotions had begun airing on television about Talitha's confessional segment on her struggle with alcoholism on ABC's Australian Story

Having worked in the Seven company for over 13 years, Talitha has been in the midst of a legal fight on this matter, despite Seven claiming they 'thought' she'd gone on regular leave. 

It must be noted that her co-stars presented her with a baby cake on air and Talitha was heavily pregnant up to her leave, so this matter is being strongly disputed.

Talitha and Channel 7 have not yet commented on the situation.

We wish Talitha and her new family all the best through this time and hope 2017 treats them well.

Image Credit: Instagram @ Talitha Cummins.

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