Remember Maxxie From Skins? You’re Going To Want To See Him Now

2016-11-13 22:01:20Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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If you had it right, you would have been obsessed with the English version of Skins and have had a completely inappropriate crush on Maxxie Oliver. 

Loveable, fun, fashionable and openly gay, Maxxie was the best friend we all wanted in our lives. 

Identifiable by his classic beachy bangs in '07, actor Mitch Hewer was a noughties pretty boy to a T.

However, since it's no longer 2007, we all know that hair simply doesn't stand - which is probably why Mitch has ditched the bleach and grown out his natural brunette locks instead.

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Image credit: Storm Dog Films 

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