Pretty Little Liars Star Opens Up About Her Battle With Anorexia

2016-11-09 03:45:22Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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The very brave, Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars has come forward to share her story about her battle with anorexia to help others.

The actress spoke about the importance of healthcare in the USA, ahead of the Presidential Election today.

In the raw interview with ATTN she revealed her battle with the eating disorder and the importance of creating awareness on the topic. Just because people might seem fine on the outside doesn’t exactly mean they are okay on the inside.

Troian says, “With anorexia, a lot of it is about presenting a front of "everything is okay", as you're slowly killing yourself. Gone were the days where I was just a happy, carefree kid who was running around and suddenly I felt this inability to interact with people and to nourish myself.

It's a huge issue and I am such a huge supporter of Mrs Clinton for so many reasons, specifically because she has been such a huge advocate for healthcare, and her definition of healthcare includes mental health care.

If I had just been shunned to the side as not having "real problems", I don't know that I would be living today. I just want to make sure that everybody has the same opportunity for treatment that I have, and I think that we have to make sure that our government invests in those programs.

What matters is that we continue to make our voices heard in this great democracy.”

This year we have seen a lot of different celebrities come forward about their health issues. Zayn Malik revealed his problems with anxiety, and Selena Gomez spoke about her battle with lupus, as well as the mental health issues that she has faced.

We are so glad that Troian is doing okay and we have so much respect for her telling her story to help others.

If you are concerned about your own emotional wellbeing, are experiencing a personal crisis or are concerned about someone else, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or at

Image Credit: Pretty Little Liars Instagram

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