Pete Evans’ Wife Just Referred To Bodies As “Earth Suits” & We Can’t Cope

2016-07-25 06:10:39Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Nicola Robinson Evans sent followers into a bit of a spin recently, suggesting people look into making homemade toothpaste… but it was her phrasing that has got us raising an eyebrow. 

The Evans' came under fire recently when celebrity chef Pete tweeted about the "poisonous chemicals" in sunscreen. 

Now, wife Nicola is facing backlash over her comments on toothpaste. 

Take a look - 

Her suggestion to "Google search" how to care for teeth and to try and find a"toothpaste recipe" had people divided, with some outraged over the comments and others sticking up for the self-titled 'Nutrition Mermaid'

What has us confused/loving life is the term 'Earth Suits'. Nicola also mentions it in a reply comment on the photo, writing "I don't encourage people to alter their Earth Suits". We're assuming she is referring to a body?

We're also losing it over the term "teeth enthusiasts".


We're not sure if people have ever referred to themselves as a teeth enthusiasts, maybe not even dentists... but now that it's here, sign us up!

What are your thoughts on the homemade toothpaste comments? More importantly, what are your thoughts on Earth Suits and Teeth Enthusiasts? Let us know on our Facebook page! 

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