People Are Claiming That Michael Jackson Is Alive After Fans Spotted Him In His Daughter Paris’ Selfie

2016-09-05 03:34:42Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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The Internet is going crazy over Paris Jackson’s Instagram picture. Fans believe that they can see Michael Jackson sitting behind her.

There are some times in life when you just want to go, “no internet, no” and today is one of those times.

Michael Jackson sadly passed away seven years ago and fans are still having a hard time believing he has passed away….

One fan has even gone as far as studying one of Paris Jackson’s photos to the point where they believe that they can see Michael in the back.

The fan even went as far as making a video to explain the theory.


The original photo was uploaded in May this year and shows Paris in a car with what looks like a figure in the back… but others believe it is just a pile of clothes.

One fan commented,  “Omg is that Michael in the back????”

Others weren’t having it, and blamed Photoshop by saying, “This sooo fake it hurts.”

Do you think the Internet has gone too far?

Image Credit: Paris Jackson Instagram

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