Orlando Bloom's Uncensored Pics Have Surfaced & This Is What You Need To Know Before Seeing Them

2016-08-04 23:55:05Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Orlando Bloom's nude pics are the talk of the town right now, but there's something you seriously need to know about them.

If you're not an Orlando fan then you obviously haven't ever seen him in The Lord of The Rings, The Pirates of The Carribean, or a number of his other films. If you're someone who only knows he's the hot stuff because he's currently dating Katy Perry, then you're catching on way too late and don't know the full story.

But if you're someone who's catching on to the Orlando train because of those nude pics of him paddleboarding with Katy, which have surfaced both in the censored and uncensored nature, then we've got some things you all need to know.

Before you go using your Googling skills to hunt down those invasive pics, take a pause in your obviously busy days and use your brains - because this is exactly why you do NOT want to see them.

Firstly, Orlando is a dad. D. A. D.
How would you feel if your besties or random people were taking a look at your father in his birthday suit. You'd feel a little weird, right?

Little Baby Flynn doesn't want to grow up with you all telling him you kow what his you-know-what looks like. Spare him the embarrassment.

You're Going To Shatter Your Childhood Crush
You all obvs fell in love with him when you saw him as the drop-dead gorgeous Legolas in TLOTR, and he was THE crush of all your childhood crushes.

If you look at those uncensored and very revealing pics, well, let's just say you're never going to be able to retain those pure childhood dreamings. Do yourself a favour and don't completely ruin your childhood.

He Was Basically Aussie & We Need To Protect Him
Yes, he may not be with our Aussie gal Miranda Kerr anymore, BUT he was. The two delivered us so many #couplegoals, brought so many smiles into our lives and brought a beautiful baby boy into the world.

Orlando became something of an Australian treasure and the fact their love didn't last shouldn't cancel that out.

We have a duty to protect him.

Would YOU Want Everyone Looking At Your Nudes?! (Even if you went paddleboarding naked...)
Okay, so a lot of you might think, "well he's super famous and made the choice to go paddleboarding nude, so he knew what he was in for!"

Even if that's true, someone's decision to hang free and enjoy the time with their partner away from a busy life of paparazzi and work shouldn't have their privacy or dignaty violated just for the prying eyes of others.

Yes, some of you are Orlando crazy and want a peek at his package - but seriously, if someone had a crush on you, you wouldn't want them seeing you in all your glory. No matter how darn perfect that glory is.

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