Nikki Gogan Shows Off New Svelte Figure After Shock Bachelor Finale

2016-09-27 21:49:41Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Let’s be real, we are all still dealing with the shock of The Bachelor finale… but it seems that runner up Nikki Gogan is dealing with it pretty well!

She has taken to Instagram to share some new pictures and fans can’t help that notice that she has gone under a bit of transformation.

Not that she needed to at all, but users have pointed out that she has lost weight and looks happier than ever…

Literally, girl is glowing.

One of the photo shows Nikki posing with an ice cream in work out gear. It’s all about balance guys.

Apparently the girls on previous seasons of The Bachelor have complained about putting on weight, as they are isolated in the mansion and have an endless supply of food. (tbh that sounds like a dream.)

Last year, winner Snezana Markoski said she gained 10kg during filming.

Even though Nikki’s exit was widely talked about and she literally had her her heart broken publicly, she revealed that she still “wouldn’t change a thing” about her show experience.

It has been more than three months since the show finished filming, we are just happy that Nikki is happy… and we are low key jealous of that glow.

Image Credit: Channel 10

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