Nicole Kidman’s Mum Rushed To Hospital

2016-11-28 20:50:08Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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It is believed that Nicole Kidman’s 76-year-old mother Janelle, was rushed to Sydney’s Royal North Shore hospital after suffering a suspected heart attack.

Reports suggest that Janelle stayed in in ICU on Friday and Nicole’s sister Antonia is currently caring for her.

Antonia is based in Singapore where she lives with her six children and husband Craig Marran, but was luckily visiting her mother when it happened and was able to act fast. She will remain in Sydney for the time being.

A source revealed to Woman’s Day that Janelle, “had a heart scare and was admitted to Royal North Shore Private on Thursday… Antonia was here on a pre-arranged holiday. She visits all the time, she just jumps on a plane.”

Nicole is currently on her way to Paris for work but it’s believed her mother convinced her to not change her plans and that she was okay.

The source added,  "She would have been here in a flash had it been life-threatening… whatever Antonia and Nicole can do to support their mum they do. It’s been a bit of a rough old year for Janelle."

A second source close to the family also confirmed the health scare, “She’s not in a good way at all…  “She’s very unwell. It’s an enormous shock.”

The incident comes two years after the Kidman family was shocked with the death of Nicole’s father, Antony Kidman, 75, who passed away from suspected heart issues after collapsing following a workout session in Singapore.

Our thoughts go out to the family during this time, we hope she is okay!

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