New Details Released About Chauffeur Arrested Over Kim Kardashian Robbery

2017-01-11 00:24:45Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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One of the seventeen people arrested for the robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris was said to be one of the limo drivers that the family regularly used when visiting the city.

Now, new details have emerged confirming that Michael Madar, owner of chauffeur company Unic Worldpass, is the limo driver in question.

French newspaper Le Monde explained that Michael drove Kim back to her hotel on the night of the robbery and police have said that he would have been one of a few people who would have known the reality star's movements that night.

His brother Gary Madar has also been arrested as the robbery is believed to be an inside job and he also would have had details about Kim's plans for the night.

Friends of Michael told The Daily Mail that they highly doubt his involvement in the incident.

"This is very strange, Michael is a really sweet guy. I would not be surprised if the police had got this one wrong."

Police are yet to fully confirm his involvement.

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