More Details Have Surfaced Of Shannon Noll’s Arrest

2017-01-19 00:29:33Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Further details have emerged of Shannon Noll's arrest outside the Crazy Horse, a strip club in Adelaide. 

Yesterday, claims that Shannon was, in fact, king hit outside the club began to circulate after an insider spoke to the Daily Mail

"The story is backwards. Shannon was king-hit and, as the footage shows, repeatedly kneed by security. It's amazing how there's a big gap in the footage."

However, now the Adelaide strip club has denied all claims that the singer was king-hit by security guards outside of the venue. 

"The Crazy Horse is a business operated in a professional manner and engages professional people in respect to its operations. Crazy Horse’s concerns at all times is the safety of its patrons and that of its personnel.".

Now, a source close to the club has revealed to The Advertiser that he became "agitated and aggressive" after one of the girls he paid for a dance from denied his offer to come back to his hotel room.

“He asked to see the venue manager. He said he didn’t want the lap dance, he wanted a refund,” the source said. “He was saying, ‘Give my f**king money back, you don’t know who you’re f**king with’.”

Reports that emerged yesterday suggested that Noll was king-hit as there was "conveniently" no footage between when he was talking to the security and when he was on the floor being repeatedly kicked.

We will keep you updated as more details surface.

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