Molly Meldrum Had Another Serious Fall & Kept It A Secret

2016-11-07 23:44:47Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Molly Meldrum hasn’t had the best luck with his health recently and it turns out he has actually been struggling more than anyone knew.

His assistant, Yael Cohn revealed to New Idea that the 73-year-old actually had a secret fall in Thailand.

Molly tripped over his grandson's toys and he broke his back. The accident occurred between 2011 and early 2016.

Molly has had a number of health scares in recent years and two highly publicised falls… with this fall making it the third.

Yael said, "He tripped over one of Jason's toys beside the swimming pool when they were visiting his adopted son and his family overseas."

Yael also added that Molly has been left with a number of different 'health issues' after the falls and sometimes struggles to walk. “He can't do long walks anymore, so I sometimes have to hire him a wheelchair, which he hates, because he's too proud and annoying!'”

Never fear, Molly seems to be in good spirits and has even joked about his funeral…???...

He told New Idea, "I want them to put me in that Egyptian sarcophagus I’ve got over there… When they carry me through the church, I’ll open the lid, sit up in my coffin and go: 'Just one more thing... Can I have another drink, please?'"

Poor Molly, we hope things continue to get better.

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