Michael Jackson’s Doctor To Release Scathing Tell-All

2016-07-19 03:47:52Z
Nic Holland
Nic Holland

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New information has come out today on Michael Jackson’s former doctor Conrad Murray and his hideous new tell-all book.

It was revealed earlier this week that Conrad was set to release a book called This Is It (yes, the same name as MJ’s final tour), and today new details of the book’s content has been revealed.

Now, according to Conrad, the late superstar confessed to him that when he was 13-years-old he took hormone injections in order to delay puberty.

This comes a day after he claimed that he and MJ would fly to Las Vegas and pretend to be Arabic tourists to pick up girls! Just awful.

The book is set for release this week and we are cringing to see what other claims he has made.

Mind you, this is the same guy that was convicted of involuntary manslaughter over the King Of Pop’s passing.

We are very skeptical about these alleged ‘truth bombs’ from the convicted criminal, and we would prefer if the late superstar was left to rest in peace.

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