Michael Bublé's 3-Year-Old Son Reportedly Has Cancer

2016-11-04 03:18:11Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Absolutely heart-breaking news for the Bublé family... 

Argentinian publication La Nacion reported that Michael's wife, Luisiana Lopilato, rushed to the US due to major health concerns with their 3-year-old son Noah

Tragically, according to Perez Hilton, their eldest son has reportedly been diagnosed with cancer. 

It was first believed that Noah was suffering from Mumps, however, it has been said that it was later determined to be cancer. It is unsure what type of cancer. 

According to sources, Michael and Luisana are to release a statement very soon. 

Due to this devastating illness of their first born, the couple has cleared their entire work schedule to be with their son through this time. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Noah and the entire Bublé family through this horrible time. 

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