Melania Trump Memes And Videos Have Broken The Internet

2016-11-13 05:28:08Z
Bree Gashparac
Bree Gashparac

Pop culture & reality TV enthusiast. I’ve got a degree in Lady Gaga and an addiction to Tumblr. I also have 63k tweets to my name, so that's nice.

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The world is still processing the shock election result that saw Donald Trump become President of the United States. 

The consequences of this outcome have been quite serious, however it seems the Internet is relieving the tension by making memes and videos about future First Lady Melania Trump. It’s pretty much the only thing we’ve seen on Twitter this weekend.

Here are some of the best memes and videos if you need a bit of a chuckle… We can’t get ‘Hello’ out of our heads…

In all seriousness, we are excited to see what positive impact Mrs Trump will have on the world. Melania grew up in a town of 4,500, attended a school for art and design, speaks six languages and will be the first foreign-born First Lady since 1829.

Images: CNN & Twitter


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