Megan Marx Has SNAPPED Back At Creepy Internet Trolls

2017-01-20 21:58:16Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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There's not a more perfect couple that has emerged from The Bachelor than Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon.

Babin' with a babe @tiffany_janes in @hyperluxe_ ... ONLY FOUR DAYS BAYYYBBBEYYYY!!!

A photo posted by Megan Marx 🌷 (@megan.leto.marx) on


The girls are still going strong and have even decided to run away together to live in their own tropical paradise.

Bali, be prepared for their cuteness.

A fortnight after Tiff moved to my home town around 6 months ago.

A photo posted by Megan Marx 🌷 (@megan.leto.marx) on


Unfortunately, though, the couple have inevitably been trolled by creepy internet guys commenting on their Instagram photos threatening to "turn them" or become integrated into the relationship... so to speak.

It's a gross and completely inappropriate thing to do and Megan is NOT happy about it so, in a recent article for Popsugar, she has responded to every creepy request in one foul swoop.

"Are you James Franco? No? Bummer dude, the answer from the two of us is NO. 

"It actually seems bizarre to me that such a sexually aggressive question is asked so often by male strangers.

"When I first started hearing this, I'd say (in classic "cool girl" tone), "Ohhh, you wish!"

"They'd laugh and nudge me and I'd raise my eyebrows, and try to act like I don't mind me and my girlfriend being hit on at the same time, because apparently it's a socially-acceptable question and I should be sweet with it.

"However, the last time I was asked to engage in sexual practices with my girlfriend and a strange guest, I did not chortle it off as I usually do.

"It was the fifth time I'd been asked at the same event, and I was feeling pretty annoyed.

"I gave the fellow in question — who was dressed neatly in linen boat pants and a pale blue Hilfiger shirt — a good stare, and said, "That's a pretty rude question, don't you think?" 


"Apparently, I can't take a joke and am 'uptight,' but I've decided to continue to be totally unfunny and deny sexual advances from strangers.

"Sorry not sorry, a**hole."

If we take away anything from this, it's that Megan loves Tiffany and if you try to mess with their relationship, it isn't going to end well for you.

She's created a colour without a name. Bali, July '16.

A photo posted by Megan Marx 🌷 (@megan.leto.marx) on

Take that trolls!


Image: @megan.leto.marx Instagram

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