Mariah Carey Throws Computer Out Window... Because It Was Playing Beyonce

2016-08-23 03:45:50Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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This is one of those 'source said' stories, but you know what? It has Mimi written all over it.

The story goes that James Packer was apparently selecting some of his fav tunes to boogie to and 'set the mood' (according to The Fix) and made the biggest rookie error one can make as Mariah Carey's other half.

He played Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love'.

Big no no.

Apparently, Mimi grabbed the computer, speakers and all and lobbed it out the window!

We'd love to think this was fabricated but remember all of those OTHER diva moments that the singer has had? She's been asked on multiple occasions about Jennifer Lopez and has responded with 'I Don't Know Her'.


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