Lindsay Lohan Rumoured DEMANDS To Appear On A Russian TV Show Are Actually Taking The P*ss

2016-08-25 03:37:48Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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We all know and love Lindsay Lohan for her years worth of headline grabbing antics that have done more than raise a few eyebrows and she certainly hasn't dissapointed again...

Well as it turns out a diva doesn't just change her spots, Lindsay's latest list of demands would even put Mariah Carey and J.LO to shame.

Lilo has been asked to appear for an interview on the most popular talk show 'Pust Govoryat' to talk all things about her break-up with former fiancée Egor Tarabasov. According to TMZ , the chat show is apparently wanting to sit down with the actress to discuss the break up in great depth, however it looks like Lindsay has pulled a fast on these Russians with her demands to be met before she sits down for the interview.

The list of demands include the following...

- A private jet

- security

-1 year Russian visa with extension

- 500,000 British pounds

- hair, makeup and manicurist onboard jet

- Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite

Oh and the last but definitely not forgettable demand she wants met... to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and get photographs with him... what on earth would Cady Haron think?!

Smash that glass ceiling Lilo!

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