Lindsay Lohan Posts A Picture About Ageing, Without A Wrinkle On Her Face

2016-12-02 00:40:04Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Lindsay Lohan has decided to embrace ageing in the most confusing way.

The actress turned 30 back in July and it seems like it has given her a whole new take on her looks.

Lindsay posts a lot of selfies on her Instagram page and recently posted yet another selfie, but this time naked and advising her followers to "see the wrinkles".


"Recognise gravity is taking over my upper half (or so to speak) #age #numbers #foreveryoung.

"When you get home. Sit down. Analyse your future & see the wrinkles"

Um, do any of you see wrinkles there?

It's a cool message from LiLo, but seriously we cannot see any wrinkles on that perfectly smooth face of hers.


If only we could all be #foreveryoung...

Image: @lindsaylohan

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