Kylie Jenner’s Latest ‘Controversial’ Tweet Proves People Are Weird AF

2016-12-07 02:36:55Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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KJ has come under fire many times for all sorts of things, from revealing photos when she was a teen, to her year of ‘realising stuff’, but this one is just plain silly. 

Excited about putting up her tree this Christmas, Kylie tweeted: 

“I can't wait to get my tree up for xmas”

Believe it or not, a good handful of people aren’t happy with Kylie using the abbreviation ‘Xmas’..



Let that sink it. 

Obvi these people are forgetting that the ‘X’ in Xmas comes from the Greek name for Christ ‘Χριστός’ and is a valid abbreviation. 

It’s also Twitter where users have a limited amount of characters and usually abbreviate everything. 

These people really shouldn't come down to 'Straya cus we abbreviate everything ay? 

Image: Kylie Jenner Instagram  

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