Kylie Jenner Just Guaranteed That People Will Unfollow Her On Instagram After Posting This

2016-08-04 02:53:03Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Okay so if your head has been spinning all week due to the new Instagram features that have been rolled out and you just can't tell yet what the difference is between someone's Snapchat story and Insta Story is then don't worry you are not alone!

However, there is certainly one person who is more than on top of the never ending social media changes and that would of course be the Queen (or King?!) of content, Kylie Jenner!

Yes never one to miss a beat when it comes to her Snapchat or Instagram, Kylizzle has embraced the changes with open arms , yet for some of her fans they may not be so happy about one decision that may bring an onslaught of unfollows...

She has gotten on board with the photo-sharing app's latest feature which allows you to filter your comments, for us mere mortals that may mean absolutely nothing but when you have over 69 million followers... it's a different story.

The new feature  means that you will soon be able to approve or deny comments before they appear, or turn off comments on your posts entirely. Kylie's reasoning for embracing this change isn't due to being afraid with what haters write, she is actually wanting to block all the "LB's" or "Like Backs" that troll and dominate her profile. She has expressed a problem with this in the past and by the looks of things she hasn't changed her views. 

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