Kim Kardashian's Ex Security Guard, Paris Attack Was A 'Publicity Stunt'

2016-10-04 00:04:29Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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It has been a horrific 24 hours for Kim Kardashian.

After being held at gunpoint and robbed of MILLIONS of dollars worth of jewellery, the TV icon is now dealing with the negative side of being in the public eye.

Her former security guard Steve Stanulis has revealed in an interview with Page Six, that he doubts the legitimacy of the incident saying "I would say it’s either an inside job or publicity stunt. That hotel is so secure, somebody must have tipped them off that she was alone inside, or shown them a way in.”

Regardless of Steve's inside knowledge of how Kim's security team works, this is a pretty serious allegation. 

Steve, who was famously fired by Kanye West earlier this year for being 'too friendly' with Kim went on to say, "Sadly, the only person to blame for this incident is Kim Kardashian. She has tens of millions of dollars of jewellery, but she can’t pay for an armed guard to protect her? The fact that five days ago that someone broke through her security chain and tried to grab her, then this happened, shows her security is not strong enough, and this should be a wake-up call"

Wow. Just wow.

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