Kim Kardashian Finally Reaches Out To Paris Hilton After Iconic Friendship Fallout

2016-11-22 07:24:07Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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They were the definition of ‘frenemies’ in the mid-2000s and haven’t had the nicest things to say about each other ever since, but Kim’s latest move proves you CAN leave the past behind you and reconcile! 

In case you’ve forgotten, long before she was having extravagant weddings and dividing the internet with literally everything she does, Kimmie K was Paris Hilton’s straight up minion.

As you can see she wasn't treated very well… 

Then after people started Googling Kim’s name more than Paris', things got uglier…

Now, after we don’t even know how long, Kim Kardashian has, get this, followed Paris on Instagram. 

This might sound like literally nothing, but in the world of reality stars, social media moguls and rich party girls turned business women who get paid thousands of dollars to turn up to parties - this is MAJOR! 

Paris recently posted an epic throwback of the two at Bondi Beach before speaking fondly of Kim on The Project last week, saying “We've known each other since we were little girls. I'm so proud of everything she's accomplished.” 

Looks like Kim heard and the friendship has been mended! 

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