Kendall Jenner Just Blew $50K On A Couch That Looks Like A Damn Molecular Structure

2016-11-03 21:38:33Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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While a cool $50K would fulfil any of our dreams so that we could finally put down a deposit on a house, Kendall Jenner just blew it on a couch - that's not even almost nice. 

Lil Kenny K is having her multi-million dollar home decorated and we can't quite tell if she has bad taste or if we're just jealous because we don't have that spare cash to spend on furniture... 

The now-21-year-old shared on her app this week:

"Slowly but surely, my house is finally getting decorated! It's definitely a process and a lot more work than I anticipated. I'm glad I'm taking it slow and only getting things I really love. And my interior decorator, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, has been a huge help in finding unique pieces." 

Unique being the operative word.

You're probably thinking, "Oh honey, you must have spent your entire budget on the wretched thing?!" 

Well, funny story... Kendall was actually coming in way under her budget, which is why she decided to splurge on that thing which hardly looks like it even functions as a couch. 

"I got super excited and bought another amazing couch. One day, I just had a vision about the entry room and knew exactly what it needed... The 'Boa' by Edra couch is all woven and a really groovy navy with purple shimmer."

At least you're happy, K

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