Kendall Jenner Is Officially Remaking One Of Our Favourite Black Eyed Peas Songs

2016-09-01 01:49:21Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Kendall Jenner is venturing into the singing realm to revamp this classic for a new generation.

Everyone was taken on a whirlwind ride of emotions when the Black Eyed Peas released their 2003 hit song 'Where Is The Love?', which was inspired by the devastating September 11 New York terrorist attacks.

Well now it's being revamped and for the new generation and Kendall Jenner has jumped onboard to lend a hand.

The renowned group has called upon the likes of Kendall, Jaden Smith, Justin Timberlake, Jessie J and more to release a new version of the song, as a call to action for the current generation to stand up and make their voices hear in the ever-rising prevelance of violence in our world.

Where exactly has the love in this world gone? How do we get it back?

This is exaclty what the group is trying to get across, because the song definitely highlights this harrowing fact. spoke about the song and how influencial the current generation is, saying, "The millenials are powerful. I don't think they realize just how powerful they are."

"I hope this song inspires the millenials to go all out, scream from the tallest mountain, care like your freedom depends on it, pay attention like that is at risk."

We aren't sure if Kendall is actually singing on the track, so we will have to wait and see!

We are super excited to see how this turns out and definitely hope it inspires all to stand up for a world where there is love.

"You have the voice and the right to make a change."

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