Kate Fischer Lashes Out At Cruel ‘Fat Jibes’ As New Pics Surface

2016-10-11 22:15:43Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Earlier this week new pictures surfaced online of a “different” looking Kate Fischer… when really nothing was different at all.

It all started when Woman’s Day posted pictures of the former supermodel outside of her house with a very demeaning story.

One headline read, “You’ll never guess what James Packer’s ex-fiancé Kate Fischer looks like now: She’s unrecognisable!”


Back in the day, then known as Kate Fischer, she rose to fame in the 90‘s by gracing many magazine covers and campaigns. She also did a number of acting roles and was a well-known television presenter. It was during this time she was also engaged to James Packer for quite some time.

And now Kate, 42, who now goes by now Tziporah Malkah, has spoken out.

Tziporah has tried to correct the “many lies and one-sided nasty things” that have been said about her, she revealed in a Wikipedia-style post that she decided to retire after 21 years in show business “to focus on other things”.

She continued the facts with, “It was around this time she found out that although the family had not practiced [sic] Judaism for many years, she was technically Jewish (did NOT convert- no need)”

"Since Tziporah is a traditional name on her matrilineal line, passed down from Grandmother to first born Granddaughter, Katherine/Kate/Katie was no longer. Legal name changes took place. And Tziporah busied herself with getting to know her culture, race and religion."


Tziporah who is now an aged-care worker in Melbourne, has now taken to Facebook to address the recent backlash she has faced online since the pictures of her “changed body” went viral online.



Tziporah moved to America back in 1999 to remove herself from any connection to the Aussie media after her split from Australian billionaire James Packer was very public.

We are disgusted that anyone was made to feel this way and the way you look doesn’t define you. Happiness is so much more important.

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