Karl Stefanovic Walks Into A Pub, Walks Out Dating Fiona Falkiner

2016-10-31 21:15:20Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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According to the public, Karl Stefanovic is in the middle of his own real life dating show… only catch is, he has no freaking idea.


Just a couple of months ago, Karl split from his wife Cassandra Thorburn and now for some reason it has become a new trend for people to try and start rumours that Karl is dating well…. everyone.

Yesterday it was Delta Goodrem... lol nice try.


Today it is…. DRUM ROLL … Fiona Falkiner.


This comes after Karl left a Sydney pub and then minutes later Fiona walked out OF THE SAME PUB. Can you believe?

They clearly had their wedding inside that pub and will now be married for the next 2913790 years.

You can see the pictures of their backs here.

Everyone believes that they chose to leave The Dolphin Hotel separately to avoid being photographed together. But once the wedding photos leak they won't need to worry about that. #EyeRoll.

But hey guys, in the mean time. If something isn’t working you say goodbye to it and you live, you learn and you move on to other things.

That’s what life is about, and Karl as long as you’re happy that’s what matters.


Australia, find your freaking chill.

Image Credit: Channel 9/ Fiona Falkiner Instagram

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