Kanye West Has Finally Joined Instagram And His First Pic Is Oh So Kanye

2016-09-18 23:02:53Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Even though Kanye West is a famed trendsetter, it's taken him a long six years to join to Instagram. Although, when he did finally decide to jump on the bandwagon, he did it in true Kanye form. 

With an ambiguous as hell photo. 


So far at least, it seems the rapper is going in a different direction with his Instagram than his Twitter... a lot less ranty, perhaps more arty? 

In March this year, Kanye Tweeted:

"I was thinking about getting an Instagram account but only on one condition... no one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram... It's my art..." 

Like a lot of the 39-year-old's thought-provoking work, you're left to interpret it how you feel. Does this car represent something more than simply a car driving through twilight? A hint towards a new single perhaps? 

Tbh we're just happy to have someone as entertaining as Kanye on Instagram, finally! 

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