Kanye West Has Told The World He's Not Friends With Jay Z

2016-10-21 00:54:47Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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So it sounds like Kanye West isn't too happy with Jay Z at the moment.

These are the husbands of the two most popular women in the world and over the last few years they seem to have had a bromance that could pull through pretty much anything, but according to Yeezy that's not the case.

Whist in Seattle performing on his Life of Pablo tour, the rapper paused mid-way through his performance of 'Pop Style', a track recorded with Jay Z and Drake, to vent a bit.

Ultralight beam 🙏🏻 Je sais pas si je vais m'en remettre 😳 #saintpablotour

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Kanye told the story of the 'Pop Style' recording session saying "You didn't get what you were supposed to get because of some TIDAL-Apple bulls**t."

There was also apparently a bit of a moment when Jay Z wanted to pull out of the track altogether out of respect for his mate Meek Mill, who really doesn't like Drake.

Kanye apparently tried to play mediator in the weird beef, because he'd be so good at it (??), but "then it went into some political s**t about percentages on songs."

"I can't take this s**t, bro, there will never be a Watch the Throne 2."

You would have thought that would have been enough, but then Kanye brought poor Blue Ivy and North into the arguement explaining that the girls have never actually had a play-date together. 

daddy daughter studio flow

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We get that there's beef between him and Jay Z, but don't bring the children into it.


Do you think this feud will resolve itself?

Is there even a feud at all? 

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