Justin Bieber's Dad Is Posting Pics About His Son's Package & It's Just Weird

2016-08-07 23:25:06Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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It's been the week of birthday suits, but when Justin Bieber's dad started boasting about his son's privates it went a bit too far.

You're all probably aware by now of Justin flaunting his birthday suit in Hawaii this week, when he went skinny dipping with Australian model Sahara Ray.

Naturally, the paparazzi found their way there to snap up some shots and leak them to the world because, obviously, privacy is dead.

Thousands of fans have reacted to the pics, with Justin himself obvs not having many cares in the world about it, but there was one person who took to boasting about the nudes who we seriously weren't expecting.

Jeremy Bieber took to Twitter on Saturday, tweeting "My Boy" with a cactus emoji.

The tweet has since been deleted but it was a clear reference to Justin's you-know-what and Jeremy's boasted pride.

He also took to Instagram to post two out of place pictures of Toronto's tall CN Tower, tagging Justin himself, and everyone is making that out as yet another reference to Justin's size.

We get it Jeremy, you're a proud dad.

We're not just guessing that either. Last time nudes were leaked of Justin, Jeremy posted to Twitter saying, "Proud daddy" and "what do you feed that thing."

We don't know about you, but this all just seems a little... discomforting.

Jeremy might be proud of Justin being well endowed, but seriously - there's so much more to your sons life to be proud of than his penis.

That goes for everyone.



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