Julie Snook Just Got The Ultimate Revenge On Amber Sherlock

2017-01-24 01:35:16Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Channel Nine presenter Julie Snook definitely turned heads in this outfit for many reasons!

She walked down the Allan Border medal blue carpet last night in a Carla Zampatti gown and of course the colour was what everyone was talking about!

Brace yourselves… Julie took a massive leap of bravery and wore WHITE... again.

Shocking we know!


BUT, before anyone could even try to make the joke, Julie told everyone, “It’s definitely not white…. It’s more rose gold.”

Sorry Julie, it is def white.

The whole drama started after a video leaked of Julie and her fellow Channel Nine host Amber Sherlock having a bit of a diva moment because they were all in white… the footage went viral and tbh it is never going to get old.

Julie was also asked last night if she will ever wear white on TV again and she didn’t hold back saying, "I love it, I always wear it… We’ve been having a good laugh about it, we’re really good friends."

No mean girls here!

You may now proceed to wearing white.

Never forget Julie in the jacket.

Image Credit: Channel Nine

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